The Tamasha Process

We at Tamasha want to be known as the Vendors that stun guests with our Products and Services! To accomplish this we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else!

  • Design Phase: This is Step One in the Tamasha Process. We have a strong In-house Graphic Design team. Each member of our team is very familiar with modern designs and always willing to provide insight to make your design special! 

  • Printing Phase: This is Step Two In the Tamasha Process. Here after receiving a final mock up from the graphic design team we then put your design into production! Here we ensure the highest quality of your design by vectorizing the file! After we print your design using our In-House commercial printer

  •  Install Phase: This is the third and final phase of the Tamasha Process! Here we make sure to arrive about 2.5- 3 hours before your event starts! This is to ensure a smooth install. Our Install process ensures a high-quality finish. No Bubbles Allowed :)

Estimate Information

Our Quotes are based on the Square Footage of your Floor! The larger your floor the more it will cost to print and Install.

The Tamasha Experience

At Tamasha Vinyls, we understand the stress and challenges that come with wedding decor, especially when it comes to custom vinyl flooring. Our journey began wi... Read more

Dance Floor Sizing Information

Here is a Chart to help estimate the size of your floor! Of course these are normal Floor Sizes however we can accommodate any size Large or Small!

Common Floor Shapes

Here are some common shapes that some of our clients have requested before!

Please note we are open to custom Floor Shape Requests